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Do you already have a web site, but want to spice it up by adding new functionality or optimizing it for the search engines? Using the latest technologies, we can help ensure your company makes the statement you want, with the image you are looking for.

Just like designing a website from scratch, redesigning a website can be a daunting process. We initiate the strategy and discovery process by consulting with you, asking pertinent questions to insure that your website will exceed your expectations. We then lay out the architecture and creative design of the site with more feed-back from you. We can redesign around your current programming or we can completely reprogram the website to add functionality such as Content Management System (CMS). We will build in extensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to insure top rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Before we launch the site, we will thoroughly test the functionality and train you on the proper updating of the website. Follow the link to learn more about our web site design and development process. If you are ready to begin your website redesign project, fill out our FREE online quote request and we will be in touch with you soon.

Website Redesign, before and after for SHC.
Website Redesign, before and after.
Website Redesign, before and after.
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