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web|aggression offers complete web development services. We will create an initial design for you, or design around your current marketing efforts. We scan your logos and graphics and convert them into sleek, fast-loading images that will impress your potential customers.

With each client, we gather information and pinpoint preferences, then we custom-design each site based on that feedback. Our goal is the total satisfaction of our clients. We will provide multiple iterations of the design until you have the final product that encompasses the image you desire.

Strategy and Discovery
During the first phase, we meet with you to discuss your goals for your web presence. We listen to what you want. We ask questions. Who is your target market? What will define success for your website? We research your competition and do a competitive analysis. We review current marketing campaigns or collateral materials.

In this phase, we will define the structure and navigation of the website. A well designed website allows your visitors to easily navigate the site. We achieve this by breaking down the site into sections and laying out the site in logical, orderly components.

Creative Design and Copywriting
This is the design phase of the process. During design, we incorporate all the information from the previous phases and create a static mock-up design. We consider all aspects; aesthetics, search engine optimization (SEO), navigation and more. Once the initial design is complete, it is posted to a private site for your review. We will keep working until you are satisfied with the design.

If you don't have copy or text for your website, we will begin the copywriting process. Our writers will meet one-on-one with you and translate your thoughts and ideas into a creative and search engine optimized format.

Backend Programming and Database
If you have selected a dynamic design with a content management system (CMS), or other dynamic features, we will continue your site development. Once the site design and layout is complete we begin the programming and database phase. We develop the database to dynamically serve your information and program the pages in your choose format (HTML, ASP.NET, PHP). This allows you to have features such as updating your own website, newsletters, photo gallery, project lists, blogs, press releases, ecommerce systems and more.

Testing and Training
In this phase, we thoroughly test all of our programming. Both the frontend and backend are tested to insure proper functionality. We also provide training that includes walking through individuals who will be updating and maintaining the website and supporting materials.

Site Launch
The most exciting phase of the process is actually launching the site. We manually submit your website to the search engines like Google and Bing. This will insure that your site will be indexed and found in the natural search engine results.

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