Website Design / Development
web|aggression offers complete web development services. We will create an initial design for you, or design around your current marketing efforts. We scan your logos and graphics and convert them into sleek, fast-loading images that will impress your potential customers.

With each client, we gather information and pinpoint preferences, then we custom-design each site based on that feedback. Our goal is the total satisfaction of our clients. We will provide multiple iterations of the design until you have the final product that encompasses the image you desire. Learn more about web|aggression's website design and development services.

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Content Management System (CMS)
We design your web site so you can update it yourself. Through dynamic design, the use of databases and our custom designed SiteAdmin content management product, you can manage the content of site features such as calendars, photo galleries, news articles, email lists and even the products in your e-commerce program. Learn more about content management system (CMS) services.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Registration
During the design process, we will optimize your web site for the major search engines using keywords and text provided by you. This will help your potential customers find your site using search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Lycos, Netscape, and others. Learn more about search engine optimization (SEO) services.

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Do you want to sell your product online? web|aggression can build a customized e-commerce system for your web site that will allow you to reap the full benefits of today's internet economy. Selling products and services online is a way to access a whole new market. More and more people are using the internet to do their shopping, don't miss out. With customized ecommerce solutions we give you the most flexibility to offer your product or service to your customers.

Don't want or need a fully customized ecommerce solution? web|aggression can help you integrate shrink wrap solutions into your website for maximum impact and minimal cost. These days there are many different ways to sell your product or service, eBay, PayPal, Yahoo! or Google Shops and more. These solutions are easy to use and very affordable. We can assist you in integrating these products into your website.

Website Consulting
Whether you choose web|aggression to build your web presence or you choose to build it yourself, we can assist with planning and consultation services. Let us help you discover the best way to make your web statement.

Website Re-design
Already have a web site, but you want to spice it up? Using the latest technologies, we can help ensure your company makes the statement you want with the image you are looking for. Learn more about our website re-design services.

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Web Content Creation / Editing
We offer creative and concise writing services. Whether you need assistance with content creation or just need innovative editing to maximize impact, we can help you get your point across. We also offer keyword optimization editing.

web|aggression uses HTML (hypertext markup language), CSS, ASP.NET , PHP and many other technologies on the front end and SQL Server and mySQL on the back end. We also use other technologies that allow you total flexibility to make your site whatever you want it to be. To discuss implications of the different technologies as it relates to hosting and other issues, feel free to contact us for more information.

Hosting Services
We provide a full line of hosting services for your web presence. Whether you maintain an ecommerce site or an informational site, we can provide hosting services to fit your needs. Packages include POP3 email, multi domain hosting, storage space, web site analytics and more. For more information or for pricing on our hosting packages, contact us today.

Fees vary depending on the complexity of the project. Additional costs include domain name registration (Approx. $10/year) and hosting. Hosting is the process of storing your web site on a server that is accessible by the users on the World Wide Web. To receive an accurate and timely estimate on your project, use our online quote request system or contact us via email or phone.

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